UPDATE: Police say they found Molly (a form of ecstasy) and Xanax in the home, not cocaine.

EggGate has grabbed another headline. Justin Bieber dealt with authorities raiding his crib today (Jan. 14) looking for some sort of evidence and/or video that he egged his neighbor's house, causing several gs worth of damage. The Biebs' oft in trouble friend Lil Za was arrested for felony narcotics possession while cops were searching the premises. It is believed that he was found with cocaine.

While The Biebs was not arrested, his friend and associate was and that's still going to reflect on the teen since the drugs were at his house. Sigh.

According to Hollywood Life, Detective Dave Thompson told assembled reporters at a press conference that Za was arrested for narcotics that he "believed to be cocaine" and there was no effort to conceal the drugs, saying they were in "plain view of the deputies when they were looking for other evidence."

The cops were there looking for egg case evidence, but if they stumbled upon anything illegal, like, you know, drugs, they were able to confiscate. Which they did.

We aren't sure how much coke Lil Za had.

From bad to worse, really.

There is a bright side: At least Lil Twist wasn't involved and he and Lil Za were nowhere near any of The Biebs' high-priced cars. Because, we all know how that has gone...

Biebs, tell your peeps to straighten up and fly right.