Last week, Justin Bieber allegedly egged a neighbor's house in Calabasas, Calif. Details are hazy, and we don't know if the act was unprovoked. However, the cops are looking for answers and they are searching the singer's house for 'em.

The neighbor and his daughter filmed the incident, in which someone who sounds like The Biebs drops eff bombs, in addition to eggs.

The authorities searched the singer's home and his garage this morning (Jan. 14), with a battering ram in tow.

They also sought surveillance video from the teen's house which might have recorded the egg assault.

TMZ reports that 11 patrol cars from the L.A. Country Sheriff's office swarmed on Casa De Bieber and that they executed a felony search warrant in conjunction with the egg tossing affair. They are looking for any evidence they can find, such as more eggs or video taken by someone in The Biebs' camp, that might incriminate The Biebs for hurling eggs.

The Biebs could earn some jail time for the incident, which is said to have caused several thousands of dollars in damage to the neighbor's crib.

Biebs might have some egg on his face, but is there evidence in his house? Stay tuned...