Justin Bieber's cell phone was seized when cops raided his house looking for evidence linking him to the egging incident that happened last week. And, apparently that's got the teen really worried.

The Biebs is actually more concerned about what the authorities will find on his phone, in terms of naked photos and other assorted drug references, as opposed to incriminating evidence regarding the egg raid.

For their part, the cops are interested in texts that may implicate The Biebs as the egg hurler, such as an exchange after the fact or perhaps a text where he bragged about his actions.

Bieber insiders told TMZ he is more worried that cops will read other texts that feature drug talk and other references. While the references are not considered physical evidence, meaning he has no legal problems there, he's concerned that info could leak to fans and damage his reputation.

As for the naked shots? Well, it's not clear if those are selfies, of him with girls, of Selena Gomez, whatever.

He's just overly concerned about the private contents of his phone being made public, and we don't blame him.

Egg-Gate is shaping up to be one of the biggest dramas of 2014 and it's only mid-January.