Justin Bieber performed his new single 'As Long as You Love Me' acoustically on the overseas morning TV program 'Daybreak.' He was accompanied by a dude playing an acoustic guitar for this stripped down, unplugged version of his most recent dance jam.

The breakfast TV version of the song sounds totally different when performed in the mournful, acoustic tone. Stripping away the synths, the layers and the studio treatments lets the song breathe and it feels even more romantic, since you can focus on the lyrics and how much emotion the Biebs packs into every single note that he sings. He's feeling it.

The Biebs can sing, and he proves it when delivering this particular version of the song.

We love his varsity jacket with metallic sleeves. Always styling, this kid! We also love how he rolls the "l" when he sings "love."

The Biebs also dropped the Big Sean rap parts, which sounded a bit different in the middle of a slower version of the song, but it was unique and we watched it three times. Oh, Biebs, we lurve you.

PopCrushers, what did you think of the acoustic version of 'ALAYLM?' Do you want to see Biebs tackle more of this style and translate more of his 'Believe' songs into this form? We do!

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