Yesterday, we reported that Justin Bieber was accused of attempted robbery by a woman claiming that he reached into her purse and grabbed her cell phone after she was believed to be taking pictures of him at Sherman Oaks Castle Park on Monday night, May 12. Now, however, an employee who witnessed the altercation has told TMZ that that was not how the situation went down -- and the singer is totally innocent.

"What I saw was Justin Bieber coming down, the mom was already trying to get a picture of Justin Bieber, like ridiculously, like in his face," she explained to TMZ. "He never reached into her bag."

"The security guards did say, 'M'am, just relax yourself, you're just being a little too aggressive to Justin Bieber," she continued. "She was literally just trying to take pictures of him, and Justin Bieber said 'Just stop, just stop.'"

And as for the claim that the woman's 13-year-old daughter was crying, the eyewitness explains that that was just because she wanted a photo with Justin, "and Justin Bieber didn't want to at that moment. He didn't want pictures with anybody."

When TMZ's Harvey Levin said that people from Bieber's camp were telling him that the singer did get pissed, the employee said he was only mad because the woman wouldn't stop.

"Yeah, he did get a little upset because the lady was being a little aggressive with him," she revealed, "and he already told her, 'Just stop. Stop with the pictures.'"

"He never touched her, never reached into her bag," the witness explained. "Nothing."

The Biebs himself addressed the situation last night in a series of heartfelt tweets, writing:

While it must be extremely difficult to deal with apparently false accusations like these, it sounds like Bieber is dealing with them the best way he can. It certainly helps to have the support from his beloved Beliebers, and it's no surprise that #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin quickly became a trending topic on Twitter today, May 15.

Listen to the employee's version of events below.

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