Justin Bieber is one of the most followed people on Twitter. In fact, for much of 2013, he was the most followed person (before Katy Perry overtook him). The one thing that stands out about the Biebs' feed is his interaction with and devotion to Beliebers.

The power of Twitter is not in the amount of followers but in the replies and the retweets. Beliebers are very active on Twitter, and the singer, now 20, has an insanely busy feed; his RTs often numbers in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Just ask Jimmy Fallon!

Even with all that traffic, Bieber still finds time and space to address his beloved Beliebers and send his love to them.

It's almost as though Justin Bieber is the ultimate underdog who accepts that he is famous because of his fans and makes sure that he never, ever forgets them for getting him where he is today. His Belieber-focused tweets are sweet and encouraging.

We've rounded up some of his sweetest tweets to and about his fans. Whether it's Christmas Day, smack dab in the middle of a promotional campaign for a new album or film, a moment to stop and remember a sick Belieber who has passed away, or just because, Bieber is always mindful to share and show the love.

Below are his warmest, fuzziest and most heartwarming tweets.