Justin Bieber has grown up right before our eyes, and despite some bumps along the way, the singer remains beloved by his precious Beliebers.

We've rounded up some of the best Bieber GIFs. They represent all different periods of his life, his fame, his family, his relationships and, of course, his hair! The Biebs' bangs, the swoosh and the pompadour -- they're all here.

With his baby bro Jaxon.

What? No!

Smooching with former GF Selena Gomez in happier times.

OK, another Selena-themed, kiss-driven GIF. They're being playful.

That, Beliebers and millennials, is a piece of vinyl. And a record player. We know, they're relics or antiques to anyone born in the 1990s.

The well-dressed teen pop power couple. Why so serious, Biebs?

Hand in the hair.

Those eyes. That stare.

The bangs and the ex. Simpler times, indeed.

Shirtless and grabbing that crotch.

Doing what he does best: singing!

Cray cray.

It's always about the hair.

Dreamboat on the stage.

Don't you want to know what he is thinking?

Check out how he purses those lips.

More shirtlessness.

Blowing a kiss to Beliebers. Rawr!

The million dollar smile.

OMG, he's crazy young in this GIF.

Emotional, Belieber-lovin' Biebs.

The eyes and the brows have it.

Running for his life... or into a Belieber's arms!



He hearts you!

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Biebs? Miley? Or both?