Justin Bieber's 'Baby' video, featuring rapper Ludacris, has tallied a whopping 500 million YouTube views as of today, making it the most-watched video in YouTube's history, reports The AFP. The video's total is at 500.6 million views and is sure to go up with each passing day.

But not all who have watched the teen-friendly, bowling alley clip were impressed with it. The video has been 'disliked' 1.1 million times, compared to a roundup of 578,000 'likes' from users. Like it or not, the video has now enjoyed more eyeballs than Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' vid, which has been viewed 362 million times.

It's been a record-breaking few weeks for the Bieb. While he lost the Best New Artist Grammy in February, he has many other reasons to celebrate. His film, 'Never Say Never,' surpassed Michael Jackson's record for 'This Is It,' collecting $72.2 million in box office receipts since its mid-February release. The 3-D look at the life of the pop music boy wonder is also the third highest grossing documentary of all time, too. Congrats to Bieber on his recent accomplishments. Remember, he's all of 17.

Watch the Justin Bieber, 'Baby' Video Feat. Ludacris