Forever thankful for his beloved Beliebers, Justin Bieber is doing something special for his fans yet again. He's letting them choose the album cover for his upcoming single, 'Boyfriend!'

We have to admit: it's going to be a tough choice. Bieber, who recently turned 18, sports a mature look on both covers, looking like a typical teen boyfriend on them. With his signature brown hair slicked upward into an almost Elvis-style do, Bieber runs his hands through it in one image, glancing up at the camera. In the other, Biebs is looking away in an almost sultry stare off into the distance. In both he dons the same outfit: white t-shirt underneath a short sleeved, navy and white plaid button down with a thin chain necklace (though we can't see the entire piece of jewelry, as it's obscured by the title).

Reviewers of Bieber's song 'Boyfriend' described the track as “so much different than his previous music.” Biebs raps in the track, garnering comparisons to the Ying Tang Twins, as well as Justin Timberlake. Rap-Up claims that it sounds like a hybrid of Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ and ‘N Sync’s ‘Girlfriend.’

Fans can choose their favorite album cover on Twitter using the hashtags "#JBboyfriend1" and " #JBboyfriend2," or by clicking here. The winning art, as well as exclusive content will be unveiled this Monday, March 19. The single 'Boyfriend' will be available a week later on March 26.