Justin Bieber imitates Chris Brown on the ballad 'Christmas Eve,' which was written by Brown himself. The vibe of Brown's composition is that of a sexy, slow jam -- even channeling idol group Boyz II Men circa 1993's 'Christmas Interpretations.'

Bieber's voice has clearly changed, no doubt; his vocals sounding exactly like Chris Brown on the song. It's as if Bieber heard Brown's demo and decided to mimic him as closely as possible. It's cool and breezy (pun intended) -- and a contrast to the rest of the album's Christmas tunes.

The teen star shows his soulful side when he sings, "I think that I'm in love this Christmas / Just hanging stockings on the fireplace / You know Santa's coming to town / I'm the one who wants to take you on a sleigh ride now / So today's all about you, babe / The mistletoe can pull us close, it's what I'm waiting for / It sorta feels like it's Valentine's, Valentine's Day."

Bieber continues, "I don't need no presents, girl, you're everything I need / Let me give you all of me / Together on this Christmas Eve."

So, although we much prefer 'Mistletoe' and 'Drummer Boy,' we think Bieber fans may still like the R&B fare.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Christmas Eve'