Not even a steady and chilly rain storm could stop the Beliebers from turning out in midtown Manhattan to see Justin Bieber perform a four-song, outdoor set for the 'Today' show. The Biebs peeled off three songs from his No. 1 holiday album 'Under the Mistletoe' and threw in 'Never Say Never' for good measure. Some of the ladies waited 48 hours in the wind and the rain, but the elements did not deter 'em. That's love.

The Biebs performed with dancers, cloaked in white, behind him for 'Never Say Never.' He was dressed in baggy jeans and a red and white holiday jacket; it looked like a holiday sweater transformed into a varsity jacket. It was certainly festive.

Bieber was tactile with fans, performing under a canopy to shield him from the rain. However, he still made his way onto the part of the stage that jutted into the crowd to connect with Beliebers. This simple touch sent them into hysterics. At one point in his performance, which took place amid a drizzle, he nearly lost his low-riding jeans!

When Lauer tried to chat with The Biebs about his success, it was futile to listen to his answers, because he was drowned out by the shrieks. He was outnumbered! Bieber did manage to share some of his holiday plans, saying he will spend time with family and that they try to embarrass him and play his music while hanging out!

The 17-year-old singer two-stepped to 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' and had so much fun, like nothing could bring him down. Paternity test? What paternity test? He did allude to the mess and said that he is blessed and can't let things bring him down. Bieber performed 'Mistletoe' while tons of cell phones snapped shots of him and every girl in the crowd wished he was singing to her. The backup singers snapping their fingers was a nice touch.

Usher turned up to perform 'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)' and even said beforehand that popularity makes one a target and that The Biebs is focusing on other things. This statement is another brief allusion to the paternity suit, which we believe is a big crock of BS on the accuser's part.

Overall, though, our favorite moment was the Black Friday commercial for Macy's, where Bieber headed to the door buster sale and everyone he encountered (male driver, male store employees) squealed like a 13 year old upon encountering him! Hilarious.

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