Justin Bieber allegedly did more than just pursue model Adriana Lima at the Gotha nightclub in Cannes on May 20. According to the UK Daily Mail, the Biebs was also involved in a "scuffle" at the club after he reportedly pushed a partygoer who tried to climb onto the couch where he and a friend were sitting.

As the site reports, Bieber and a friend were sitting on a couch in the venue when a girl tried to climb over the sofa. The Biebs then allegedly pushed her and she fell back onto the couch -- a move that seriously pissed off her male friend, who then got into it with the singer before Bieber's bodyguards restrained from fighting the partygoer.

Apparently, Bieber and the guy "started to push each other around" as the star's bodyguards stepped in and restrained Bieber, as evidenced in photos posted on the Daily Mail, which show the Biebes shirtless and seemingly yelling as his security holds him back.

According to the site, the lights were turned off in order for Bieber and his entourage to get through the crowd. He later returned to the club and reportedly sat at a differently table.

Of course, if the sources at Us Weekly are to be believed, this was also the same night that Bieber hooked up with Adriana Lima -- a pursuit that started at Gotha and ended later that night after a private house party that she and Bieber allegedly left together at 5 AM.

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