Game over. Justin Bieber's final #MusicMondays song is here in the form of 'Confident,' his collabo with Chance the Rapper.

It's the tenth of 10 tracks that got us through the fall season, and it's not a lament on love lost like most of the tracks that have come before it.

Musically, it has an almost "boom chicka bow wow," porno movie-style beat, but it's upbeat. It feels good.

Thematically and lyrically, it's about chasing a girl who drips with confidence when she walks into a room, as opposed to being totally bummed about the girl who has left him or about a relationship that has fizzled out. It's full of lyrics that Beliebers will wish that he is singing to them.

There's a lot of repetition and funk in this song, and it’s the most fun song of the #MusicMondays series.

Chance has a professor-style delivery. He reminds us a little bit of Drake, Big Sean and Eminem, in the way that he rap-talks.

The Biebs certainly explores his urban side here. It's not a banger and it's not a dance song, but it is the type of track you can crank with the windows down.

The #MusicMondays tracks were certainly a bridge to the follow up to 'Believe.' We're anxious to hear what he does next.


Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Confident' Feat. Chance the Rapper