Justin Bieber signed an online petition to lower the rating of the important film 'Bully' from R to PG-13. But he hasn't stopped there.

The film was slapped with the restricted rating due to cursing, which means that no one under 18 will be admitted without a parent. That defeats the purpose of this documentary, which shines a spotlight on the epidemic of bullying, educates people about what's really going on out there, and can help kids to deal with the problem.

The Biebs called into TMZ Live yesterday (March 22) to campaign for the rating to be lowered, arguing that teens can handle a few eff bombs, especially since they are absorbing a larger and more critical message. While it was mentioned that 'The Hunger Games' only earned a PG-13 rating despite depicting the violent deaths of teenagers, many feel it's an acceptable rating since it's scripted and staged, whereas 'Bully' traffics in real life.

The Biebs said, "At the end of the day, the message it could be sending to all these kids is so much more powerful. I think they can handle a few curse words." He continued, "I think that Bully can serve a purpose and there is more to it than the curse words. 13-year-olds can handle a few curse words. It's really powerful. It should be rated PG-13."

The 'Boyfriend' singer was diplomatic and would not trash 'The Hunger Games.' He was incredibly PC, instead repeating his hope that the rating would be lowered and open up the viewing audience to people 13 and over because of the message. He reasoned, "If these kids can watch and see what goes on in schools around the world, they will want to make a change."

Listen to Justin Bieber Talk 'Bully' Rating