Justin Bieber's Purpose tour has been an emotional roller coaster for both his rapt audiences and the pop star himself, and a recent moment onstage officially turned on the waterworks.

At Justin's May 7 show in Philadelphia, as he delivered the title track from Purpose, he appeared to be struggling emotionally as he sang about his own spiritual salvation. When he faltered and lowered his mic — and his head — supportive Beliebers rushed in with shouts of "We're here for you, Justin!" and helped deliver the lyrics themselves in chorus.

"You are my everythiiiiiing," his fans scream-sang, as Justin squeezed his moist eyes shut and let them carry the song's last few bars. Watch the crowd rally, as he's visibly overcome with emotion, in the video below via US Weekly.

Though the Purpose tour is barely into its second leg, Justin's already shown some signs of wear on the road. Two weeks after it kicked off, he canceled his pricey pre-show meet and greets — an understandable choice, given that he said they left him "drained and unhappy" before going onstage. He also seemed exhausted and a bit deflated at a recent double header at Brookyn's Barclays Center, in which we noted that Justin missed set list cues and daydreamed out loud about being able to sleep all day — which itself turned out to be a mistimed bit: "Oh…that’s an intro for a different song, so I’m gonna come back to that later.”

New York Times critic Jon Caramanica noted of the same Barclays performance, "for most of the show, he was doing something even less than lip syncing." Noting Justin's surprisingly checked-out status throughout, he went so far as to write that "By this point, you might have wanted to file an incident report to the police: suspected kidnapping in progress, subject forced into high-intensity labor."

Was Justin's Philly "Purpose" moment an emotional breakthrough, or further evidence that the tour is slowly sapping his zest for life? Share your thoughts on the footage below.

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