'Die in Your Arms' is the new Justin Bieber song and the second single from 'Believe.' With a title like that, you may expect a somber, melancholy ballad. But nothing could be further from the truth, as it's a neo doo-wop jam!

'Die in Your Arms' is a backbeat-driven, mid-tempo, Jackson 5-style tune with a piano melody, handclaps and finger snaps. The track also boasts a universal, timeless appeal. We've said it before and we'll say it again: The Biebs is growing up, mentally and musically, on 'Believe.'

Lyrically, 'Die in Your Arms' is a song about that all-consuming passion and love you feel for someone. Being apart from said object of affection actually hurts and feels like the end of the world!

The Biebs croons: "If I could just die in your arms /I wouldn't mind / Because every time you touch me / I just die in your arms / It just feels so right." At that moment, millions of Beliebers are left to wish that Da Biebs is singing those words about them. It's romantic, passionate and sweet.

When Bieber coos: "I can't live without my baby / Loving you is so damn easy," he has taken another leap from boyhood to manhood. He's emerged leading man at this point, no questions asked. It's a journey whose first step was 'Boyfriend.'

When the layered harmonies kick in at the end, surrounding The Biebs' voice, the song sounds like an update of the signature Motown sound.

'Die in Your Arms' is sonically and thematically different than the sexy, hushed 'Boyfriend,' but like the single that preceded it, it shows a whole other side to the evolution of Justin Bieber. Swag!

Get ready for 'Believe' on June 19.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Die in Your Arms'