Justin Bieber was a squeaky-clean 15 year old when he first rose to fame, but at 22 he's a grown man who can do what he WANTS. One thing he definitely wants right now: To wear his blond, pipe cleaner-y "dreads" in peace. The "Love Yourself" singer expressed as much in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday (April 20).

"Dude, are you gonna do anything with your hair, or are you just gonna leave it like that, dude?" Bieber asks the camera in his best Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High voice. Recounting an interaction with a female fan (who, by his impersonation, also talks like Jeff Spicoli?) that disapproves of his new 'do, Justin sums up his reaction with his caption: "Being weird is fun' if u r not weird I don't like you." The hundreds of Buzzfeed listicles devoted to niche brands of "weirdness" suggest that no one identifies as 'normal' these days, but duly noted.

Evidence of dreadlocked hair dates all the way back to both ancient Greek and Mayan times, and they've been a powerful symbol of religious and ethnic pride across several cultures, in addition to being co-opted by (largely white) hippies and crust punks as a grungy fashion statement over the past several decades. As with Kylie Jenner and the wigs trend she believes she started, it's unclear where Justin's getting his cultural reference points from, beyond feeling it's a weird/fun thing to do — and the public response has ranged from supportive to "please stop."

Whether you approve or not, it's likely that Justin's dreads (which are actually a lot to maintain, as dirty as they may seem to critics) won't last long. He's too mercurial with his hair phases for that. Right now Justin looks less like a pop star and very much like Bobby D, the dude who sold dirt weed out of the 7-11 parking lot when I was in high school — but this too shall pass.

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