Beliebers, hold out hope! Justin Bieber may not have been drag racing nor driving under the influence after all ... maybe.

TMZ reports that the cops in Bieber's drag racing and DUI case may have fudged their police report in a big way. While Bieber's blood alcohol level was initially reported to be .04, it was officially marked as .014, which would be less than one beer for someone of the 'Believe' singer's size. And that's inconsistent with the arresting officer's claim that Bieber reeked of booze.

Bieber, at the time, insisted he wasn't drunk, but failed his field sobriety test.

What's more, TMZ is also reporting that Bieber's rented Lamborghini didn't reach the speeds the cops initially claimed.

The rental shop where Bieber and alleged drag racing partner Khalil borrowed the wheels attached GPS devices to the vehicles that tracked their speed. At the time of the alleged drag race, in which cops claimed the singer and rapper were driving over 60 MPH, the guys were only going between 27 and 34 MPH.

Depending on who you believe, the cops may have fudged their police reports in order to justify the traffic stop. Maybe that whole "FREE BIEBER" campaign holds more water than his arrest did.