If you have any interest in Justin Bieber whatsoever, be it passing or intense, you're probably at least marginally excited for his upcoming Comedy Central roast. There's nothing we, as human beings, appreciate more than a celebrity who demonstrates a sense of humor and can successfully poke fun at himself without making it look like a desperate attempt at appearing endearing. After the past year or so that Justin's had, it only makes sense that he would be willing to have a slew of comedians make fun of him and all of his past transgressions.

It looks like the first teaser trailer for the roast is finally up, ala Comedy Central's Twitter. The tweet said, "Watch @justinbieber learn how poor, defenseless houses feel." The teaser trailer itself shows Justin, shirtless because fabric seems to melt off his torso upon first contact at this point, standing around, fixing his hair, whatever. Until he stands there, with his arms outstretched and is hit with eggs as Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" plays to a crescendo in the background.

If you're either a huge Belieber or just someone who has an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities and their run-ins with the law, you probably know all about the incident that they're referencing. If not, we'll fill you in. Justin reportedly egged one of his neighbor's houses last year, which resulted in $20,000 of damage and a charge of criminal vandalism -- so the egging reference makes sense.

You can check out the full trailer above to see Justin being pelted with eggs.

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