The moment you've been waiting for is here: Justin Bieber has officially joined the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna with his very own collection of emojis. He's finally, truly made it, Beliebers, and it's all because of you!

Earlier this week, the "Sorry" singer coyly announced that his Justmoji app would be available for purchase in the iTunes store on Friday (June 3), teasing one of the digital stickers — a buff, chibi version of Biebs holding up a "No photos" sign — on Instagram.

As for the tongue-in-cheek collection, the emoji pack's basically a grab-bag of Justin-related imagery, including owls (???), bibles and biblical excerpts, hockey sticks, and Canadian flags... obviously. There's also plenty of illustrations of the pop star himself — some photo-realistic renderings, and others more cartoonish in a kawaii, anime baby-Biebs sort of way.

A handful of the cutesy stamps, interestingly, reference a variety of Bieber's more controversial career moments — such as the time he urinated into a mop bucket in a  and restaurant, or when he got in trouble for egging a neighbor's home. The otherwise uncool behavior almost comes off as charming (oh, hijinks!) in exaggerated illustrations.

Noticeably missing from the set? The many booty-related emojis that have made Kim, Amber, and Chyna's apps so titillating (and trendy). Then again, his collection does include a bulging Calvin Klein-esque crotch shot, so maybe titillation isn't lost, after all. #sorrynotsorry

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