First Kim Kardashian launched her iconic set of Kimojis. Then Amber Rose followed up with her own MuvaMoji app. And now Blac Chyna, future wife and baby mama to Rob Kardshian, has launched her very own emoji series as well. Because when it comes to texting your friends, there's never enough booties and middle fingers to go around, amirite?

Following in the footsteps of her future sister-in-law (as well as her future sister-in-law's husband's ex-girlfriend) Blac Chyna is now the proud owner of ChyMojis. Her mobile emoji app brims with titillating illustrations of the model/cooking enthusiast/cosmetics businesswoman, as well as semi-horrifying renderings of her E! reality star fiance. There's even a South Park-esque image of the couple lovingly cradling their future unborn child as it pees onto them! It's truly breathtaking.

Also included on the app? Those aforementioned middle fingers, makeup palettes, a Hillary Clinton "I'm With Her" emoji (who knew Chyna was so political?) and butts. Lots and lots of butts.

Oh, and BeyHive, if you're wondering when you're finally going to get some mobile app love from your Queen Bey, Blac Chyna's got you covered with this lemonade and bumble bee-featuring emoji:

Will you be downloading ChyMojis? And which Kardashian family member or noted affiliate would you like to see launch an emoji app next? Kylie Jenner? Caitlyn Jenner? Scott Disick? Khloe's BFF Malika Haqq? Let us know in the comments.

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