Justin Bieber and his boyhood idols Boyz II Men have teamed up to harmonize on the holiday track 'Fa La La,' which is not any sort of update of 'Deck the Halls,' mind you. The song appears on The Biebs' holiday platter, 'Under the Mistletoe,' out Nov. 1.

The voices are the centerpiece of this song, as they very well should be. When The Biebs and the Boyz -- we'd like to call this collab Biebz II Men -- sing, "I hear melodies / When your heart beats," it could melt the chunks of ice and snow piling up on in your yard this holiday season and beyond. It's a rhythmic Christmas jaunt that plays to the vocal strengths of The Biebs and his Philly friends.

This tune could become one of those song that defines your holiday season in 2011, and whenever you hear it down the road during future Christmas celebrations, it'll remind you of what you were doing in the double one! If this turns out to be one of your favorite songs on the Christmas collection, then make sure to nab the deluxe version of 'Under the Mistletoe,' since it features an acapella version of 'Fa La La,' also with Boyz II Men. Holla!

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Fa La La' feat. Boyz II Men