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We know Mike Posner's upcoming sophomore album is called 'Pages,' is coming out this fall and features the upbeat breakup single, 'The Way It Used to Be.' But another exciting tidbit? Justin Bieber is most likely featured on it!

Shortly after Posner finished his leg on Bieber's 'Believe' tour, he stopped by the PopCrush office to chat with us about 'Pages,' and the songwriting and producing that went into it. Having worked with Bieber in the past, most notably production on the swaggalicious single, 'Boyfriend,' we asked if Posner was writing anything new with The Biebs.

Naturally, Posner said: "With Justin we did some ideas on tour, I was just on tour with him, so we wrote some [stuff]. I don't know if they're going to end up on my album or his… But really this year I've been not giving away many songs, mostly writing for myself… and for 'Pages.'"

Fair enough. But, when we directly asked if Justin Bieber would be featured on his album, Posner replied with a sly grin on his face, "A lot of people I have written and produced for have returned the favor… for 'Pages.'" He added, "I've been blessed."

Check out the video above. He was coy, but that smile is quite telling, isn't it? So mark our works: Expect Justin on Mike's album. As for Justin's album -- if 'Boyfriend' is any indication, we suggest The Biebs adds another Posner track to his discography, stat. Posner can do no wrong!