At long, long last, Justin Bieber finally revealed his new haircut in the best, most Lion King-themed Instagram video ever.

Because the Biebs couldn't just unveil his new look with a simple selfie, he decided to debut the transformation in an entire recreation of the "Circle of Life" scene from one of the most beloved Disney classics. Seriously: The singer is literally lifted up like baby Simba on Pride Rock as his manager Scooter Braun goes all Rafiki and rubs his thumb across Justin's forehead and brand-new 'do. And did we mention that the whole thing is set to the music from the movie? We have to hand it to him: The video is equal parts ridiculous and amazing — and the fact that it was shared the same night he revealed his Zoolander 2 cameo makes it that much better.

As for what Justin's new hair actually looks like? While it's a little hard to tell in the black and white video, it looks significantly darker and buzzed on the sides, while the top is left longer and more platinum blond. Overall, JB's styled and deeply-parted hair looks much more clean-cut and mature than his previous unkempt bleached locks. We're loving how the change reflects his new positive attitude and outlook on life, while he still remains his regular ol' goofball self. (See: "Circle of Life" reenactment above.) Not to mention that our curiosity about his new look has finally been satisfied, because those seemingly endless Instagram teases were almost to much to bear.

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