Justin Bieber's Fisker Karma, which is no joke, thanks to its $100K price tag, is in the news again since it gets no respect. Two days after the Biebs' pal and irresponsible driver Lil Twist had crashed the vehic into cement poles at a liquor store, causing damage to the front end, the repaired car was back on the road, being driven by some other friends of Bieber's.

Twist even left the scene of the accident which is a crime, since he damage was done and he didn't exchange deets with the owner of the establishment.

But the singer's team didn't waste any time fixing the car and letting someone else get behind the wheel, according to TMZ. We still don’t get why a car that costs a 100 large has a revolving cast of drivers, treating it like it’s a Kia.

This may be another sign that the Biebs is going down some bad roads. He may not be driving the car when these accidents happen, but it's his insurance premiums that go up and his reputation that takes a beating. Plus, the car was a gift. Why is everyone getting a chance to do with it as they wish?

Someone get control of this car and this situation, please. It's automotive bedlam with this freakin' ride. We want to start a "Save the Fisker Karma" Facebook page.

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