As Chris Brown deals with his drama – which is near-constant — he has found a supporter in Justin Bieber.

Breezy, who headed to rehab to address behavioral issues, was arrested last weekend in Washington, D.C. But The Biebs was thinking Brown, known for his interest in graffiti, when he tagged a wall with "Free Breezy" while in Bogota, Colombia in Latin America. You can see that tag here.

Street art is permitted in the region and Da Biebs most definitely left his mark.

He also tagged a pot leaf with the Canadian flag – yes, The Biebs is from our neighbor to the north, despite spending most of his time in the U.S.— and even celebrated the late Pac.

Not Tupac, the rapper, but his hamster, who also died. He had gifted a Belieber with the furry, cute rodent, but the late creature is still in his thoughts and earned an 'R.I.P.' Notice the 'Thug Life' reference, which probably made him think of Tupac and Pac. Pac Squared!

He spent about an hour tagging. Check out photos of his graffiti sesh below.

Breezy has a friend in Bieber and the Secret Service. Lucky him! Those are always two entities we want on our side!

See the photo scrapbook of images from The Biebs' turn as a graffiti artist.