What do President Barack Obama and R&B star Chris Brown have in common? Not much, right? Well, apparently, both are under the protection of the Secret Service. Sort of!

Allow us to explain. It's more like Brown has an anonymous and unlikely friend at the prez protecting organization.

As it turns out, a Secret Service agent was patrolling the streets near the White House in the nation's capital on Sunday (Oct. 27), when Breezy was arrested for assault which triggered his decision to head to rehab to treat behavioral issues.

TMZ reports that a witness who saw the altercation between Brown and the victim on Sunday morning told the authorities that he heard the victim tell a cop that Brown did not strike him. That cop denied speaking to the witness.

However, a Secret Service agent, who was in uniform and on duty, reached out to the police to say that he was nearby during the incident and that he heard the victim tell the cop that Breezy did not hit him.

The agent's admission is good for Breezy's case and certainly creates questions about the credibility of the victim. The misdemeanor assault cause could be dropped altogether.

That's of critical importance, since it means that Breezy's probation, which stems back to the Rihanna beating, would likely not be revoked. If the probation terms were violated and the probation revoked, his freedom was threatened and he was staring down the possibility of four years in prison.

We think Breezy needs to send the agent some flowers, a bottle of wine and an autograph for stepping forward. He also needs to send up a cosmic note of thanks to whatever higher power he believes in, since the agent was in the right place at the right time.

Never a dull moment with C. Brown.