Justin Bieber's head of hair has been a hot topic for the singer ever since he swagged into the music scene with his signature swoop cut. However, the singer recently took to Instagram to tell the critics to back down!

As you may recall, the singer bleached his hair platinum blonde back in December and has since been photographed wearing a lot of caps. (He even sported a Harry Styles-esque wide-brimmed hat!)

No worries, Beliebers, Justin has an explanation for everything -- and even hinted at what his newest look will be.

"For all u fools saying cut my hair it's in an awkward stage I'm sorry lol," he wrote on Instagram. "But I'm growing it out and there's gonna a be a period of time where it looks dumb lol a hat only does so much. #insecure lol"

Does this mean he's going for some long, wavy locks in the vein of Jared Leto? Or maybe he's preparing to re-adopt the classic Bieber cut? Either way, we know he'll still have his fans swooning!

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