It seems like Justin Bieber has grown up before our very eyes! From his signature swoopy hair to his new, longer 'do, the star is officially an adult.

To be honest, it feels like just yesterday that he was cute kid was a baller haircut, busking on the streets of Stratford, Ontario, but that was actually more than 8 years ago! (Time flies, right?) And in those 8 years, Justin transformed from a young kid with insane amounts of talent to a man whose shown the world how musically gifted he is.

In less than a decade in the public eye, Justin has made a permanent place in history for himself. While his extensive and impressive music catalog stands for itself, we'd be remiss not to mention his iconic haircut. It's practically synonymous with the "Baby" era!

In honor of JB's 21st birthday on March 1 -- and his updated, slicked-back hairstyle -- we assembled photos of Justin's hair evolution. You can check 'em out in the gallery above!