#MusicMondays latest offering is 'Hold Tight,' which finds Justin Bieber aligning himself closely with another Justin -- Timberlake, that is. It's the third track the singer has shared, with seven more to go, and he remains focused on love and being lovelorn, while exhibiting a vocal range that is similar to JT's.

The song is a slow-burning, repeat beat love jam. That's been par for the course with the two prior tracks the singer has released as part of his 10-week series of new songs.

The Biebs really tries his hand, er, voice at falsetto and he does a fine job with the range. His deep yearning for the girl he loves -- hi, Selena -- is apparent in the emotion in his voice. He manages to convey lots of feeling with each note he delivers.

Say or think what you will about The Biebs, but at the end of the day, 'Hold Tight' reminds us of how good a singer the teen is. He really can croon.

While we can do without lyrics that rhyme "liplock" and "Ziploc," we can appreciate the sentiment -- he's hooked and this is an ode to making out, albeit a well-dressed song about smooching.

On 'Hold Tight,' his evolution from teen pop singer to legit R&B crooner continues. It's an overly sexualized song, in that it's so focused on kissing, but hey, at least he's not getting corny or overdoing it with intercourse metaphors.

But romance is definitely on his mind and in his heart, especially in the lyrics and the near-moan of his singing.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Hold Tight'