Sigh. Looks like Justin Bieber's run-ins with law enforcement are far from over.

Arriving back to the States after an extended stay in Europe, the 'All Around the World' singer was clearly in the mood to celebrate, and he made sure his neighbors knew all about it. According to TMZ, the police dropped by Justin's pad at the behest of disgruntled neighbors. Sounds pretty typical for the parties we've come to expect from Justin, but here's the kicker: the police didn't just stop by one time, but twice -- though, to be fair, they did leave the first time without saying a word. Apparently the noise complaints called on Justin were unfounded the first time, so the cops decided to leave.

It wasn't until they received a second complaint after midnight that they knocked on the singer's door and told him to keep it down. Cops reportedly reminded Justin that his neighbors had the option of making a citizen's arrest -- an arrest made by someone who sees something illegal going down, even if they aren't necessarily a police officer -- if he continued to disrupt the peace.

Justin reportedly doesn't have the greatest reputation with his neighbors. Just a few months ago, cops were called to his condo six times over the span of one weekend. Yikes! This time -- rather than risk more time behind bars -- the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer agreed to cooperate and shut down the party at once -- much to the delight of his Beverly Hills neighbors, we're sure.

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