At times, Justin Bieber is a man of too many words. Case in point: his response to his dad's creepy endorsement of his leaked nude photos.

At others, Bieber is a man of very few words, especially when it comes to announcing new songs from his upcoming album Purpose (out November 13). For instance, in response to Halsey's announcement of her collaboration track with him ("The Feeling"), he was surprisingly tight-lipped, composing a casual tweet that read: "Oh yeah. U guys didn't know this. Me and @halsey got one on #purpose."

Bieber was equally as short and casual on Sunday when he announced yet another new Skrillex-produced track titled "I'll Show You" via Twitter, NME reports:

Following yesterday's short announcement, Bieber posted the track's official to his VEVO earlier today. The clip is very transcendental (or at least as transcendental as a Justin Bieber music video can be/get), in that it features him running through or sitting atop various scenes in nature.

At one point he's even floating in a river (in only white boxer briefs, just FYI):

The song and video go hand-in-hand, in that the basic narrative stays the same: Bieber vows to make an earnest attempt to show his lover/his real fans who he really is because "It's like they want me to be perfect / But they don't even know that I'm hurting." In this case, it's safe to say that "they" refers to anyone—critics, casual fans, and previous lovers alike—who expected him to be somebody he wasn't.

But his message gets a bit muddled when he implores us not to "forget that I'm human / Don't forget that I'm real," only to assure us almost immediately after that we'll never know him.

So who is the "real" Justin Bieber that he's trying/going to show us?

We're not entirely sure. But apparently he's a man who enjoys a good romp in some subzero water wearing only his skivvies. And we'll leave it at that.


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