At the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night (Feb. 10) for the Grammys it may have been Taylor Swift vs. Kelly Clarkson and Adele vs. Rihanna and fun. vs. Frank Ocean. But there was a much larger battle going on and that was Justin Bieber vs. The Grammys.

That's right. The Biebs was famously snubbed by Music's Biggest Night, with no nominations for 'Believe,' which lead his manager to call the organization out. The Biebs boycotted the ceremony and instead attempted to host a live chat with fans at the very same time as the broadcast.

It failed not because Beliebers were watching the Grammys instead but because too many attempted to log on at the same time, locking him out. The Biebs is bigger than the Grammys, yo. He breaks the Internet.

Rats! Foiled!

The Biebs, who hosted 'SNL' over the weekend, made no secret about the fact that he considers the one thing missing from his life right now is a Grammy. So he was pretty sore over being ignored. Let us interject a sec and point out that he just notched his fifth No. 1 album before the age of 19. A Grammy will come; it's inevitable. But we know, that doesn't take the sting off now.

With his baby sister Jazmyn and little brother Jaxon alongside him, he shared shirtless photos and a new song to make up for not being able to conduct the chat properly. Take that, Grammys.The Biebs is too popular to host his own fan chat without causing the Internet to come crashing to a halt.

Claiming he was on vacation and lacking any sort of quality high-speed web connection, he apologized profusely and voiced his frustration through various social media outlets.

We still got a look at the shirtless boy wonder, his adorbs sibs and we get to listen to a new song!

Expressing aggravation, he said, "It's just not working. My fans are just overpopulating the sites and I just don't think it's going to work. So I'm just going to make a video and play some new music."

The new track is called 'You Want Me' and it's an uptempo, handclap-filled R&B track that's Michael Jackson-reminiscent. He even goes, "It's Justin...Bieber." The song feels like such a welcome change and a different sound since we've been enjoying so much acoustic music -- "Biebscoustica?" -- from him lately, both live and recorded, as both 'SNL' songs from the weekend were stripped down. This song also has a bit of that smooth Justin Timberlake swag, too.


Watch a Clip From the Justin Bieber Chat