Earlier today (Dec. 12), it was revealed that a convicted murderer with a Justin Bieber tattoo on his leg had recruited other criminals to help him carry out a plot to murder and castrate the teen.

We know, we gulped when we heard about it, too. Thank God the scheme was foiled. The Biebs' manager has spoken publicly about the drama, offering a canned quote.

"We take every precaution to protect and insure the safety of Justin and his fans," Braun told Us Weekly.

Yeah, no kidding, Scooter. That's what you're supposed to say, as a manager and a career guider. The quote doesn't address the nefarious nature of the plot nor does it say anything about how the Bieber camp was notified of the life-threatening situation. It doesn't address how they diffused it or even how The Biebs reacted upon learning that someone was threatening his manhood – literally!

Maybe he'll write a song about it, like he did about the Mariah Yeater paternity drama.

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