Justin Bieber has no intention of switching genres, and he doesn't appreciate the flack pop music gets in general.

During an interview with Nick Grimshaw for BBC Radio 1, Bieber said, “I want to always stay pop. I think that pop music isn’t necessarily cheesy, it’s just how you make pop music. Pop music just means popular music, so you take what’s hot in the world right now and you flip it and you make it your own. I think that's something awesome that Michael Jackson did. He always took what was super relevant at the time, like funk and techno and all that stuff.”

Bieber continued, saying he feels like he finally found his sound as an artist on his upcoming album Purpose: "I was never able to make the music that I wanted to make. I was really young and I had people telling me what to record and giving me songs and stuff, so it wasn’t my music. It was, but it wasn’t. I’m glad now that I have say in what I do and feel like this is my project."

And if you're still wondering why he named his album Purpose, Bieber explained: "The reason I named it Purpose was because for a while there I feel like I lost my purpose and I feel like I found my purpose again. So, just that message to say no matter how far you feel like you’re away from yourself or you feel like you don’t have your purpose or you don’t know what your purpose is...there’s always room to find that purpose again."

Bieber also treated fans to an acoustic version of his current single "Sorry," featuring a guitar-playing Skrillex and DJ-producer Bloodpop. Check that video out below.

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