Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber -- the King of Pop and the reigning crown prince who many think (or thought) is in line to inherit MJ's crown -- have a lot in common. Apparently, the Biebs relates to how Jackson was persecuted and put upon by the media, thanks to a photo he posted on his Instagram.

The singer, now tasting sweet freedom after Thursday's (Jan. 23) arrest, spliced the photo from his release from jail yesterday with a classic image of the late Jackson giving the same hand in the air, waving pose.

The media certainly targeted Jackson relentlessly, and perhaps that's the message that the Biebs was sending with this photo. He could also be suggesting that despite his troubles through the years, Jackson prevailed until his untimely death. Maybe JB is letting us know he will survive, much like Jackson did even in the face of unbelievable scrutiny?

His simple caption: "What more can they say" with a crown graphic.

Royals, indeed. Cue the Lorde song.