Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom was the scuffle heard (and seen) around the world. The commotion between the two early Wednesday (July 30) in a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, caused a stir in person and on the Internet, and it seems Justin isn't quite ready to let it die down.

Shortly after the incident hit the web via a shocking video, the Biebs posted a photo of Miranda Kerr to his Instagram. It should be noted that rumors circulating the fight claim that the singer and actor began their verbal sparring because of an incident from way back in 2012, when Justin was caught getting close with Miranda, Orlando's wife at the time, after a Victoria's Secret fashion show. It probably didn't help that earlier this year Orlando was spotted with Justin's on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

It's safe to assume that Justin wasn't simply posting a photo of Miranda for the sake of sharing a snapshot of a pretty girl. (See the pic he posted then deleted here.) And there's definitely no doubt that his latest Instagram upload is meant to instigate the already tense situation. After all, what else could he possibly be trying to get across with a photo of Orlando looking like he's crying?

Beliebers, what do you think of Justin's taunts?