Remember when Justin Bieber was chased down the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles by paparazzi who were desperate to get a photo of him in his tricked out Fisker Karma? Well, there are new developments in the case and they involve the constitutional rights of the photographer accused of leading the chase.

The big (and dangerous) chase took place in July. The Biebs was cited for driving dangerously and then he filed a harassment complaint against the ringleader for forcing him to drive the way he did. That pap, Paul Raef, was due to be the first person charged under a new law that penalizes the paparazzi for driving dangerously while trying to obtain photographs of celebs for commercial purposes.

Now, Raef, who was charged with four misdemeanor counts while recklessly pursuing Bieber, plans to challenge the law, citing his first amendment rights.

The Associated Press reports (courtesy of Yahoo!) that Raef and his lawyer are calling the law a violation of freedom of the press.

His lawyer David S. Kestenbaum file a motion that claims, "First and foremost, the statute unconstitutionally singles out the press for a special penalty."

The motion will go before a judge on Sept. 24.

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