TMZ reportedly got their hands on Justin Bieber's photo shoot rider earlier this month — and after taking a look, we can’t help but think the teen pop sensation is turning into a male diva. Among his detailed list of requirements are no autographs, no cell phones and absolutely no Selena Gomez music on set.

Although we can understand why the Biebs may not want to listen to his ex’s music while he’s prepping for a shoot, and it makes sense for him to require security and a private parking space, some other items on the rider left us scratching our heads. His request for multiple packs of socks and tees seems a bit excessive, and his “do not speak to talent” rule gives off an egotistical, self-absorbed vibe that clashes with the charismatic "swagginess" that he's known for.

His food demands are also over-the-top, including an assortment of tea, a deli and vegetable platter, a large pack of Swedish Fish, a box of apple Nutri-Grain bars, two different kinds of Ritz Bits and a generous supply of Haribo gummies.

Bieber’s set of strict rules and regulations have us questioning whether or not the fame has gotten to his head. Click here to view the full rider and judge for yourself.

Update: Apparently, Justin Bieber's rep is now denying the rider's authenticity (via Gossipcop).

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