Beliebers, ready to see Justin Bieber on The Ellen Show every week? The "Home to Mama" singer will be chattin' it up with Ellen DeGeneres once a week for as long as his schedule allows. And this week, he prank called a fan and pretended to be her British professor. Casual.

Fresh off of his recent Ellen ep -- where he and the comedian scared the living daylights out of fans in the women's restroom -- the Biebs was more than ready to prank some more unsuspecting ladies. And the lucky one this time was a UMass student who was both a fan of Bieber and DeGeneres.

Pretending to be a British professor -- the head of the UMass English department, no less! -- Bieber called up the student and immediately began berating her for missing class. But when his faux British accent started waning about halfway through the call and turned more Australian, that's when DeGeneres knew it was time to jump in and tell the fan the truth.

As for the fan's reaction? Well, how would you respond if you found out that your two idols just prank called you and invited to fly you out to see a taping of Ellen? The shrieking was real, Beliebers. It was real.

Check out Justin Bieber (and his drool-worthy arm muscles) prank call a fan on Ellen in the video above.

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