Justin Bieber's #MusicMondays continue with 'Recovery,' another R&B-inspired lament about love, which has been the recurring theme and connective tissue for the three songs that have come before it.

It's The Biebs, his voice, a few harmonies sprinkled throughout, a gentle beat and some finger snaps. Anyone else think he sounds a bit like Tracy Chapman in his rapid sing-talk style in the pre-choruses? Even just a little? Are we crazy? We sorta hear it.

But those pre-choruses and bridges are really secondary to the crazy catchy chorus, where he promises to (or pleads with her to) "Make it right." That chorus is the reason that 'Recovery' is our favorite new Biebs' #MusicMondays song so far. It's one of his most emotionally weighty and musically memorable choruses of his "new" sound, as he is growing up and maturing.

The song recalls an ended relationship that is not fractured beyond all repair. Trust was broken and they haven't seen each other for a while...until now. It finds Biebs hoping for a fix and a reconciliation.

So far, all of the #MusicMondays songs boast confessional lyrics that must have been lifted from The Biebs' record of his split with Selena Gomez. Those two have been on and largely off this year, but this song could have been penned during a brief "on" period.

While most Beliebers will wish these songs were about her, the real subject matter is pretty obvious. The Biebs himself tweeted the significance of the song with the tweet below:

While his gossiped about antics make people think Justin Bieber is an immature brat, this song is proof that he is growing up, becoming a man and is acutely aware of what's in his heart. He acknowledges that things went wrong, that life and love are largely comprised of trial and error and that he's doing his best to navigate this thing called romance.

It's a short song -- just three minutes -- and it's spare without being stark.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Recovery'