Why is Sean Kingston now driving around the Fisker Karma luxury sportscar in which Justin Bieber notoriously got pulled over for driving more than 80 miles per hour? Believe it or not, Kingston says the Biebs gave him the expensive car because he had moved on to a newer model.

TMZ caught up with Kingston over the weekend outside the Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood and noticed the valet bringing the 'Fire Burning' singer a chrome-plated Karma that looked awfully familiar. "When you're best friends with one of the biggest artists in the world, you get all different type of gifts, you know?" Kingston said as he helped a lovely lady into the car. "He left it at my house and told me I could drive it whenever. That's the real story."

Kingston said the Biebs would be replacing the car with a newer Fisker. The gift reveals both Bieber's generosity and his wealth, since prices for a new Karma start in the low six figures. Kingston gave Bieber a huge assist on the hit song 'Eenie Meenie,' so maybe the teen star felt like regifting his old ride was an appropriate form of payback.

Bieber reportedly got the vehicle for his 18th birthday in March and famously raced down the 101 Freeway in the Karma in July, trying to outrun overzealous paparazzi. He was cited for going more than 80 mph, although witnesses said he might have been exceeding 100 mph. He later filed a harassment complaint against one especially reckless photographer.