Justin Bieber has a mountain of legal troubles piling up at his doorstep, tarnishing his once sterling rep. There is a silver lining to one of his legal black clouds, as he settled a lingering lawsuit with a former bodyguard.

Moshe Benabou sued Bieber for assault in January 2013 related to an incident that took place at an October 2012 concert.

Here's what happened, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Backstage, the Biebs was with a small group of companions, and one of them was egging him on. He then launched into an abusive tirade.

The suit read as follows:

The tirade was apparently triggered by what Justin Bieber perceived as an attempt by Moshe Benabou to keep one member of Mr. Bieber's entourage physically away from Justin Bieber. As part of this tirade, Justin Bieber repeatedly punched Moshe Benabou in the chest and upper body area. Mr. Benabou did not retaliate or attempt to protect himself out of his concerns for Justin Bieber's physical well-being.

The Biebs then told Benabou that he was fired... for what sounds like doing his job.

Benabou also sued for overtime wages that he claims he earned while working for the singer's touring company from March 2011 through October 2012.

The two sides were set to go to trial on Feb. 18 in Los Angeles. But each party filed papers last week to dismiss the suit as they settled out of court. The terms have not been revealed, nor is it likely that they will be.

The Biebs' lawyer offered a simple comment, saying that "the matter has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties."