Just one spritz of Justin Bieber's new Someday perfume and the 17-year-old 'Baby' superstar will appear instantly at your side, ready to float into the clouds and kiss your neck.

At least, that's what the commercial for the new fragrance would have you believe. In just 30 seconds, the Biebs floats into a girl's bedroom and escorts her into the sky, where she takes a piggy-back ride on him and they laugh together, before descending back into her room and touching their feet to the floor.

As quickly as he came, the Biebs disappears -- but not before planting a kiss on the nightgown-sporting teenage girl's neck. What may be a nightly occurrence in the dreams of teen girls everywhere is slightly ridiculous in real play. In short, Justin's Someday perfume commercial is so cheesy, it's like an 'SNL' spoof gone terribly wrong.

Bieber's Someday perfume will be available at Macy's, Sephora, Dillard's, Nordstrom and Ulta starting in June. The smell-good stuff can be purchased in the form of a perfume (in different sizes!), a lotion, and a hair spritz.

We have to wonder if the Biebs really has the time to show up at the doorstep of every single girl who purchases his perfume, and if so, we'll be first in line at Macy's.

Watch the Justin Bieber Someday Perfume Commercial