Justin Bieber songs give us a peek at the future of music. Sure, the Biebs is only 19, but in his short career the Canadian crooner has already surpassed double-platinum status and continues to crush Billboard, YouTube and social media records.

Not only that, but Bieber virtually reinvented teen pop, proving that his hits can move people of all ages to the dance floor and he can make anyone a Belieber, earning him the respect of his fellow musicians. Now, many of music's most iconic artists jump at the chance to work with the kid who melted hearts with his boyish good looks, unreal dance moves, and a little tune called 'Baby.'

To celebrate his career and his swagginess, check out PopCrush's collection of the Top 10 Justin Bieber Songs. Go ahead, catch that Bieber fever!

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    'Pray' (Acoustic)

    In 2010, Bieber reminded us what makes him so darn easy to love. Not only is he cute and makes ridiculously catchy music, but he's charitable too. Biebs dropped 'Pray' as a single in Europe, but it's just as popular in the States and Canada. The song, which appears on the 'Baby' singer's 'My Worlds Acoustic' record, breaks down all of the things that are racing through the world-famous teen's head and keeping him up at night -- world hunger, sickness, homelessness. With this track, he inspires us to make a change together and to never give up hope.

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    'As Long as You Love Me'

    Feat. Big Sean

    This Big Sean-assisted dance track is one the Biebs' stickiest tunes from 'Believe.' This feel-good romp makes you want to leave your drink at the bar and hit the floor to dance your face off. The sizzling song is Bieberized dubstep; that is, it's the teen's take on a hot genre at the time. He had his way with it and came up with an unforgettable song that's got a lot of parts, but meshes seamlessly and doesn't feel mired in a trend. The studio effected vocals are punctuated by Bieber’s newly-honed falsetto, demonstrating a range we didn't even know he had.

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    'U Smile'

    When you smile, the Biebs smiles -- and boy do we love those pearly whites. 'U Smile,' from the second edition of 'My World,' never fails to get all of the girls grinning and singing along at Bieber's live shows, and we think that's just how the 17-year-old heartthrob intended it. 'U Smile' may come in at No. 8 on our list of the Top Justin Bieber Songs, but we love it just as much as our higher-charting picks. After all, aren't all Justin Bieber songs created equal?

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    'One Less Lonely Girl'

    "If you let me inside of your world, there will be one less lonely girl," the then 15-year-old Bieber promises on this track, which was written by his mentor, Usher. Unfortunately, that's a big fat lie -- girls all over the world have allowed Biebs into their world, be it in poster form, perfume form, or simply with his music, and millions of them are still pining after 'Baby' hit maker. Still, this song delivers poetic lines for other guys to use in order snatch up the lonely girls ... Which, we suppose, makes Justin Bieber like a modern-day cupid. Hey, maybe that should be his next business venture? Babes by Biebs, perhaps?

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    'Yellow Raincoat'

    Written after his much-publicized split with Selena Gomez, this spare track from his acoustic release presented the Biebs at his most vulnerable. It was nothing more than gentle strumming and his delicate, quivering voice, and found Bieber laying his emotional cards face up on the table. While it might not have impressed Gomez, it paid off with fans and critics. The track was an incredibly brave move, a peek that we don't often get, but the dividends were there, since he put his cockiness in cold storage and let us feel his emotions with him. It was a first taste of the real Justin Bieber. Yes, this is a sleeper track, yes, so why not wake up? Our recommendation is your alarm clock.

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    'One Time'

    Ah, the Justin Bieber song that introduced His Swagginess to the world! 'One Time' holds a special place in our hearts, not only because it debuted that cherub-faced little boy with way too much swagger, but because it's sickeningly sweet, to boot. In this track, J.B. shows off his math skills when he tells us that him, plus that special lady, equals love: "Me, plus you / I'ma tell you one time / Girl I love, girl I love you." Doesn't it just melt your heart, even if you aren't a huge Bieber fan?

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    'Somebody to Love'

    Feat. Usher

    When it comes to Justin Bieber songs, 'Somebody to Love' is one of those that gets us up on our feet and super excited from the get-go. We prefer the uptempo, dance-y, remixed version to the original, because it features Bieber's main man Usher, which is funny because the 'OMG' hit maker originally cut the track for his own 'Raymond v. Raymond' album. We think it found a nice home on the Biebs' 'My World 2.0' record, and Justin and Usher's vocals work together quite well on the 'Never Say Never (The Remixes)' version.

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    'Never Say Never'

    Feat. Jaden Smith

    Justin Bieber lives by the mantra "never say never," and he's got the whole world following his word. The teen icon has maintained his humble, raised-by-a-single-mom-so-I-appreciate-everything attitude since he was picked up by Scooter Braun and Usher back in 2008, and never seems to stop thanking the people who got him to the place he is today: His fans. 'Never Say Never' features a rap verse from Will Smith's talented son Jaden, who gets us even more pumped as he spits rhymes over the climactic beat.

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    Feat. Ludacris

    And we were like, Bieber, Bieber, Bieber, ohh ... Honestly, is there any question why 'Baby' is notching in at the No. 2 position on our list of top Justin Bieber songs? This song encompasses all that is great about the Biebs, and really just pop music in general. Sure, millions of screaming girls made this catchy song No. 1, but once it hit the airwaves, it was hard for anyone to avoid its contagiousness. Stir in a little Ludacris and you've got yourself a hit. 'Baby' topped the charts in more than a dozen countries, and went on to earn platinum status in Australia and New Zealand, doubling that achievement in the United States.

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    The first single from 'Believe' was  a true turn-the-corner song for the Biebs. It marked his transition from sugary teen pop and adolescent vocals to a young man on the cusp of adulthood, with a deeper vocal range and a smoother, more R&B-focused sound. He was able to coax his voice to a buttery falsetto on this sext track, which is also Michael Jackson-esque, mature and so fun to dance to. Bieber took the leap into pop superstar with this track and showed that he had swag, swag, swag.  Anyone who wanted to dismiss the singer as a fluke who would be forgotten was proven wrong. The kid is crazy talented.

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