Selena Gomez has said that she made Justin Bieber cry, but when things are going down in his life, he still runs to her. Maybe that's why he called a moratorium on anyone in his crew dissing the singer/actress. As the L.A. County D.A. investigates the battery allegations -- all the current drama surrounding the Biebs is recapped here -- he made a beeline for Gomez's house.

TMZ reports that the case, in which a neighbor accused Bieber (who apparently had to be restrained by a bodyguard) of spitting at him and threatening his life after he reprimanded the teen for driving a new Ferrari at 100 mph in a residential neighborhood, is not being viewed lightly by authorities. Spitting is a major affront -- it is taken seriously since it's aggressive and poses health concerns.

More interesting than saliva is Selena. The Biebs visited his ex on Wednesday, March 27, in the middle of all this drama. A chauffeured van was spotted parked behind the gates of her home for an hour. They left separately. Perhaps Sel is a calming influence during this bad PR storm that is engulfing Bieber's life.

And if that wasn't enough, another of the teen's Calabasas neighbors had threatened to sell photos of Bieber. When he found out she was taking the pics and trying to profit from living near him, he planted $100,000 of shrubs to block her view. This neighbor is allegedly tight with the one Biebs is feuding with.

These are such child's games! Can't neighbors just… get along?

Through it all, Bieber's camp continues to deny the spitting allegations, saying the 'All Around the World' singer went inside since he has to worry about so many crazies invading his personal space and property.

“This guy ran onto Justin’s property, trespassing, and screaming so Justin went inside and let his security handle it,” said the source. “A lot of crazy people have threatened to harm Justin in the past. When someone comes charging onto his property, that’s something he has to be worried about and that’s why he has security.”

Well, you know, there is that guy in New Mexico

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