Just days after abruptly falling off the stage while performing in Canada, poor Justin Bieber has injured himself once again.

On Friday (June 24), hours before taking the stage in Cincinnati for his Purpose World Tour, the pop star posted a photo of his left foot swollen and submerged in a bucket of ice. The, uh, purpose of the chilly treatment? The "Sorry" singer had sprained his ankle while playing basketball.

"Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage," Bieber captioned the picture in an apparent effort to prime attendees of his show that while the show would go on, it would probably be a little more low-key than usual.

"Sprained my ankle playing ball smh," he added. "All good — still gonna crush [it]."

And as promised, the singer did put on a show, though it was clear that he had certainly hurt himself and was avoiding putting too much pressure on the affected ankle.

In a video he posted on Instagram from the same concert, you can see the performer holding his left left leg up while twirling, as well as a slight limp as he walks off. Watch below:

Maybe Biebs isn't so cat-like after all.

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