Justin Bieber and the paparazzi have a seriously contentious relationship, so no one is shocked that the singer threatened a photographer while in Miami.

The paps cause The Biebs quite a few headaches, especially when he's behind the wheel, so it's no surprise that he's fed up. He had two run-ins with the snappers in Florida this week. During an incident outside of The Hit Factory Studio at around 4AM on Wednesday, June 5, Biebs ended up threatening to jack a piece of equipment.

In a tape acquired by TMZ, The Biebs repeatedly threatened to take the photog's SIM card, even though he was going to return to the camera. The hapless photog is heard begging for mercy and for the singer not to lift the card, which is necessary for a pap to get his job done.

The photog even offers to delete Bieber photos in order to retain his SIM card.

You can even hear Biebs yell, "Get that f---ing camera out of here."

Hours later, The Biebs' henchmen reportedly choked a snapper and tried to confiscate his camera, as well.

And the battle rages on...