Justin Bieber may have upset fans when he canceled all future meet and greets just a few weeks into his Purpose World Tour, but he's at least offered one Belieber something no one else on this planet would appreciate: his chewed gum.

There's a segment during Bieber's Purpose show where he saunters down the catwalk -- flanked by concertgoers with pit tickets on either side of him -- to perform the emotional and vaguely inspiring track "Life Is Worth Living." It is here when Bieber half-heartedly engages with audience members, and it was at this point during a recent tour stop when he singled out one Belieber and launched his chewed gum at them, no explanation necessary.

Perhaps "launch" is the wrong verb here. "Pelted" doesn't really fit his languid movements, either. It's more of a gentle toss, though Bieber's intended target seems to be a specific Belieber.

Sadly, the video's poor image quality fails to capture the "Sorry" singer's facial expressions, so there's no telling as to how he might have been feeling in that particular moment. Was the gum-giving meant as a gesture of love and gratitude? Was it an angry response to hostility? Who, what, when, where, why and how?

Here's that precious moment caught from a different, closer angle:

If Justin Bieber threw gum at you, how would you react? Would you chew it? Cry? Rejoice? Sell it on eBay?

Check out the video above and let us know what frame of mind you think Bieber was in when he decided the best gift he could give to someone else was his saliva-riddled, used gum.

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