Stop us if you've heard this one before. In a familiar scenario, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were seized on a Justin Bieber tour bus on its way to Detroit. The singer was not on the bus that was stopped and searched. A drug-sniffing dog discovered the substance.

So no, The Biebs was not pulled over and caught with a blunt in his paws or anything that dramatic.

Instead, one of the vehicles in the tour caravan was stopped while attempting to cross from Canada into the U.S. on Sunday night, according to E! The teen's team was quick to point out that "It wasn't Justin's bus." The bus was merely associated with him, according to Border Patrol operatives.

"On July 28, a commercial touring bus attempted to enter the U.S. through Detroit via the Ambassador Bridge," Chief Customs and Border Protection Officer Ken Hammond said in a statement. "The tour bus, associated with musician Justin Bieber, was en route to a concert scheduled later Sunday night in Detroit. During the secondary inspection, a K-9 alerted to the presence of drugs and a subsequent search of the bus revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Justin Bieber was not on the bus. Officers seized the marijuana and paraphernalia and issued a penalty to the driver. The bus and passengers were released without further incident."

See! It's not as big of a deal as you might think. Someone in the Biebs' crew had some pot, tried to smuggle it over the board, which is fairly common in tour scenarios, since these employees live on the road. That person got a slap on the wrist and went about their business.

Even though The Biebs was not on the bus with the weed, it still reflects on him and he doesn't need any more bad PR or to be guilty by association.